July 13, 2011


We had our 7 year anniversary (picture below of us is where we had our first date, my husband proposed to me two years later at the same place in the same outfit he wore ,last night he pulled that shirt out once again, I love this guy)   saw HUGE fireworks on the river in Woodland with some great friends, had a night away to our selves, just met two beautiful darling babies  that have entered this world this year, an incredible summer so far, except not much  SUN

On the adoption front we are moving right ahead, things are still moving, yes at a slower pace but that is apart of the ride.  Our social worker did contact us to tell us where we were sitting on the good old list....And I was pleasantly surprised, for 6 months waiting.  I do find myself thinking about her lately and us becoming a family of four.  And so we wait and enjoy what we have and day dream as often as I want, while we wait...

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