July 8, 2013

Naomi Hasset

Its been a crazy whirlwind, but we got our referral April 16th, for a beautiful 6 month of little miracle...We name is Naomi Hasset Sager.  5 weeks later we got our court date and traveled to meet our little lady, instant love for this smiley sweet baby girl, we left Ethiopia 48 hours later and passed court, She is OURS.....Hardest day was leaving her, but she is in great hands. Her wonderful nannies are the same ones who took care of Finley 4 years ago, how amazing is that, many tears were shed as we kissed our baby goodbye.  We are in our 5th week waiting for Embassy we are praying it will be this month, but you just never know...We think of Naomi every minute and cant wait to have her home to meet her big sister.. Introducing our second daughter

May 16, 2013

April 20, 2013


We received a referral of the most beautiful, 6 month old....27 months worth the wait to see this little miracle...We are over the moon

April 8, 2013

spring break

February 28, 2013

February 27, 2013


happt 4th birthday to our baby

February 21, 2013

a little more time to wait

We did just get news that it will be a few more months for a referral, our agency is working with a few new orphanges and gathering the paperwork for each child takes time...Ethiopian time...So now we wait..Good news is I can let go of getting THE CALL, knowing it will be a little longer..

Our baby girl will be turning 4 this weekend, just dont know where the time went...

January 17, 2013

waiting stinks

Waiting, Waiting, Im starting to go crazy..Ive been patient up until this part, but now everyday seems to get longer and longer...Hard to plan anything for the year, because we are hoping we will be in Ethiopia, traveling twice, to bring our daughter home...How old will she be, infant or toddler?  All these questions will be answered soon, we are hoping...Finley even said to me baby sister is not real, of course she would think that after waiting 2 years and here we sit still waiting...Dont think she minds, her life will be upside down once she figures out she will have to share her mama, and daddy..So for now, we enjoy the family of three, one child is the easy part of this portion of our lives...2013 bring it

January 6, 2013

Fun with Family at Mt Hood, 10 cousins, 3 sisters, husbands, parents, and one dog..The pictures tell it all

January 4, 2013

Late, but Happy New Year, we have just reached our 24 months on waiting for baby sister, we are sitting at number 2 it must be soon, right???? This girl of ours has not stopped growing, she loves Katy Perry, preschool,just dance, and loves to sing.....This year my baby will be turning 4, can't believe it, where has the time gone.....xo

August 24, 2012

three years ago

this happened

August 2, 2012

19 months waiting

Come on baby Sager number 2, we are ready....Courts close in a couple weeks, so lets hope October will be the month, we see our daughter....Meanwhile I have a growing machine here, so much laughter in the house with this little one, our little dancing queen, who loves Katy Parry, oatmeal, telling her mama how much she loves her, swimming, Dora and Diego, cooking and her precious girl Joon Bug, life is good

June 19, 2012


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Grandpa came to visit, right when he came in the door, Finley asked where the mama grandpa was, yes they are both called grandpa in her book....great weekend  with the best daddy ever,for fathers day many graduations and sun shine, looking forward to a summer filled with swim lessons, cooking classes and hoping a referral..There has finally been some action, 2 referrals the last week, hoping we moved  up and getting closer...

May 29, 2012

waiting and enjoying

We just can not believe our sweet baby girl is growing so fast, she is already signed up for her first year in Preschool, she is so excited, we ride our bikes by the school almost everyday to look at it....Finley has made this long wait for baby number to much easier, getting to spend quality time with her one on one, I would never replace that....We are at about 16 months waiting for our next child, some days are harder then others, but I know the timing will be perfect and the day will come.....As for now we enjoy the little person right in front of us.....

February 23, 2012

three years old

We love  you so much little dancing queen.....Happy Birthday

February 9, 2012

A year has passed

Well I dont even have to explain, there are many reasons why we have not gotten the call after a year, many reasons that  need to be investigated in Ethiopia.  We are hopefull and know our little lady is there, and we will one day meet her....On a exciting note, this little darling is turning 3 soon, cant even believe it...Signed up for preschool for the fall, and tumbling starting monday, wow how she has grown, and Ive have loved watching her grow, she is one sweet, silly, little lady

January 10, 2012

Melkam Genna

We are so lucky to celebrate Melkam Genna with this wonderful community in Portland, it honestly makes my heart flutter, we are so lucky...and the friendships we will have forever, they are so special

December 5, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Can we all believe the time is here once again, well I can't believe it.....I do love the Holidays, it makes it extra special seeing it through Finley's eyes..This year we made wishes and put them in our ornaments, hoping maybe a few of them come true....this may be our new tradition...

November 25, 2011


thankful for so many things in my life....Honestly could not ask for more....I asked Finley what she was thankful for, she said taking walks, hugs, and her baby sister in Opia......Thought that was pretty special, since she has not met her yet but is already thankful for her.... May that always be in the years to come...I may have to remind her...

On the adoption front there where many referrals last week, which got me all excited.  I know a couple families who received them and they are just a few weeks a head of us the list..Which means nothing really, it could happen in the next few months or next week... I am day dreaming a lot more, of how my life will be with 2 children, I'm embracing the alone time with Finley knowing her days are numbered as the only apple of my eye.  I look forward to it and the next adventure of our life, but for now I have a full plate and am so thankful.....

November 15, 2011

Ethiopian cooking class

Super fun cooking class with a few adoptive mama's and a couple dad's. I learned a ton and can't wait to make a wonderful Ethiopian meal for the holidays.....Great night out