April 12, 2011


No one knows how long it will be before we will see our second daughter for the first time, the call, the email, the picture, the travel plans, figuring out where she will sleep and how old she may be...It will happen, its an inconvenience but we believe it will happen.  We are coming on three months waiting, I have to say it goes very fast when you have a little one at home keeping you busy.

  Whats with the waiting, the boring blog post all about my one precious, funny, sweet daughter and of course darling dog.. HAHA....I'm even sick of it. Not going to do the countdown of our adoption that may take years, but instead change the blog up a little.  Our first chapter has ended and we are moving onto the next chapter, Im hoping to spend a little more time on this blog about  things I love to do, places I like to go, good food and funny things people say (including people I live in the house with)...It leaves this space for me to be more free and not so restricted on our second adoption, which we are super excited about, but we have so many other loves I can't wait to share...

Stay tuned

Random song on here but somehow the beat makes me happy

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