December 15, 2010

Scary Santa

No go this year with Fin and Santa, she kept telling us how scary he was, maybe next year.   One of these days I will sit down and blog about all the happenings in our lives, just can't seem to find the time or words. 

Great job to everyone who has bought decals, we are still hoping to sell a few more, its never to late. So spread the word


Kris & Staci Hansel said...

lol, we have taken marley twice this year to see Santa and both times produced the same result, the arched-back, bucking & kicking, screaming-fit. This last weekend she wasn't on his knee long enough for the photographer to snap a pic. I was able to grab a quick snapshot of the moment however. She loves to talk ABOUT Santa but the minute you mention, SEEING Santa, it's a totally different story. Maybe next year!

Viv and Pete said...

What a sweetheart....well maybe next year you will get that "happy" picture with Santa! Although, I love that picture of her with Santa this year...she seems to be saying "I don't think so!" Very cute!