December 2, 2010

Get you decal on

This month we are donating all our decal sales to a family who will be traveling soon to get there child.   We have all been there before and now it has changed to traveling twice.  I know personally it can be a struggle to find those last minute funds.

  Every year around this time we have chosen to donate our sales  to Gift to Adoption.  This year we are changing it up and want everyone to be included in giving the gift to bringing a special child home.  I hope everyone including me shops with a purpose this year, it feels really good and it is one that can change someone lives.  We have had so much fun with these decals being on our cars, and I actually saw a car driving by with one on, it made me smile, we have even been stopped by parents in the beginning stages of adoption curious about our decal, so everyone get your decal on and lets raise some money for this incredible family you will want to be apart of.... Fun colors and sizes go check them out...


Kris & Staci Hansel said...

Erin, is it possible to have one of your regular white decals done up smaller? Thinking around 3-4" tall. Let me know. Thanks.


Erin Sager said...

Hey Kris and Staci, we don't have those for sale right now but we could make some, but they would be in a quantity of ten, just message me through Etsy, if that is something your interested in. Thank you