February 19, 2009

My sisters

I love this print, since I am one of four sisters it fits perfect. Don't know what I would do without my sisters!!!!!Go check out her site here http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5843485 ... I am feeling a little better. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


missy said...

this is incredible!!!! i can't wait to get one for my mom and each of my sisters. and myself, of course. i'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

jamullins said...

How are you doing?? I've been thinking about you lately. Hope you are doing better.

Praying for you,

Cara said...

er, that print is just precious - i want one too!
sorry you're so down - it's completely understandable. i can't imagine the waiting you and keithers are doing.
hang in there - love ya,

Nate and Stefany Head said...

i wanted to say thank you for your sweet words on my blog. praying, praying, praying that this week brings you that long awaited phone call, friend.