July 8, 2013

Naomi Hasset

Its been a crazy whirlwind, but we got our referral April 16th, for a beautiful 6 month of little miracle...We name is Naomi Hasset Sager.  5 weeks later we got our court date and traveled to meet our little lady, instant love for this smiley sweet baby girl, we left Ethiopia 48 hours later and passed court, She is OURS.....Hardest day was leaving her, but she is in great hands. Her wonderful nannies are the same ones who took care of Finley 4 years ago, how amazing is that, many tears were shed as we kissed our baby goodbye.  We are in our 5th week waiting for Embassy we are praying it will be this month, but you just never know...We think of Naomi every minute and cant wait to have her home to meet her big sister.. Introducing our second daughter

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