January 17, 2013

waiting stinks

Waiting, Waiting, Im starting to go crazy..Ive been patient up until this part, but now everyday seems to get longer and longer...Hard to plan anything for the year, because we are hoping we will be in Ethiopia, traveling twice, to bring our daughter home...How old will she be, infant or toddler?  All these questions will be answered soon, we are hoping...Finley even said to me baby sister is not real, of course she would think that after waiting 2 years and here we sit still waiting...Dont think she minds, her life will be upside down once she figures out she will have to share her mama, and daddy..So for now, we enjoy the family of three, one child is the easy part of this portion of our lives...2013 bring it

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Viv and Pete said...

2013 will bring it...someone very special! Waiting is beyond hard, and you have been a trooper for sure, just remember when you look into those precious eyes you will know....the timing was ultimately perfect! Until then....like you said savor the last days of being a family of three! AND DON"T FORGET to lean on your friends, enjoy some wine and indulge in self care right now girlie! HUGS!