August 2, 2012

19 months waiting

Come on baby Sager number 2, we are ready....Courts close in a couple weeks, so lets hope October will be the month, we see our daughter....Meanwhile I have a growing machine here, so much laughter in the house with this little one, our little dancing queen, who loves Katy Parry, oatmeal, telling her mama how much she loves her, swimming, Dora and Diego, cooking and her precious girl Joon Bug, life is good


Luv4thePaws said...

Adorable!! :) My husband "might" have the possibility of transferring to Portland... It seems like you all like it there!! I've been to many places in Oregon but never Portland. I heard there's a pretty good Ethiopian community.

Enjoy the rest of your summer with your princess! :)

Ḻᴑṽểṛ♥ said...

SO cute

Her.Abstract said...

Wow! She's beautiful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving =]