January 10, 2011

Ethiopia Christmas

What an amazing night, I had tears going most of the night.  The owners of Enjoni Cafe put this together for all the adoptive families and local Ethiopians.  From the time we walked into the celebration from the  time we left to go home, the smiles on every one's faces, the laughter, the love, the culture that we are blessed to have in our lives.  It was a night I will never forget.  Many friends we have been on this long path with and many new friends we met. The  moment that moved me the most, was when an Ethiopian priest from a local Orthodox church came to say a prayer, the kids all sat around the stage to listen, the room became quiet, Amharic was spoken and translated." We are here for each of you, you have our support, we want as much as you do to keep the culture alive in each of you children and family,we can all make this happen, you are blessed , thank you for opening your hearts."  these are just some of the words spoken, looking around the room at each of the families, it was beautiful to watch. 

Just another reason why I love living here in the NW.

We danced, yes even I grooved a little.  We ate a wonderful Ethiopian dinner, I met some local older Ethiopian babysitters I hope to use soon, and help me with Fin's gorgeous hair, I teased them and said I would love to learn some dance moves to, wow there great dancers.....We left at 10:15, Finley kissing her buddies goodbye until next time.  Melkam Genna everyone


missy said...

i have chills from reading the prayer. what a beautiful evening!

Viv and Pete said...

What an amazing evening! I loved seeing your family there...especially Fin in her traditional dress (I wish it fit me) ( : Great shots!!!!!

jovana said...

such a sweet blog. my best girlfriend is Ethiopian and also adopted. she's the loveliest thing on earth! wish you all the best with your little family!