July 14, 2010

summer so far

Wow this is pretty bad, it has been awhile. Trying to catch up on all my blogging buddies. We are busy, I feel like I woke up and Fin became a teenager. Or maybe just 17 months. Her little feet running past me, her loud voice saying NO! Energy level at high extreme and I even find her giving me the EYE once in awhile. You know the "eye" testing me. Toys thrown every which way, food crumbs found everywhere but the kitchen, bags of shoes and clothes that she has outgrown after wearing just 2 weeks. Cars that we own looking like the dump truck dropped a big load in each of them. Getting to work and finding I have a shovel and measuring cups stashed in the pockets of my purse which are then stuck to a fruit roll up stuck against my wallet.
I take a glance at myself in the mirror, wipe the mascara under my eyes, pull up my hair, grab my little lady and give her the biggest kiss, (have you seen her lips) and think to myself, she dosen't care what I look like. (those days of caring are long gone)
Thats about it in a nut shell. We have many summer plans and lots of family visiting, Finley's first summer with us has been one of many first, it slows us all down when its through her eyes. We love you BIG GIRL!!!!

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