May 16, 2010


Our first trip since coming home from Ethiopia. Flight was a little different. Less hours and more smiles and apologies from us. Finely is a talker and a mover. A little social butterfly(like her mama) even at 6:00 a.m

We headed to Florida to see my sister and her 4 children. It was so great to see Fin with her cousins. She is the 10th and youngest grandchild so everyone loves to baby her, until you hear in her own words, I do it, I do it!!!!!! Where is my baby girl, she is 15 months going on 12, learning way to quickly. Just trying to take it all in, minute by minute, trying not to miss one moment, because it is gone so so quickly. I honestly believe a fairy comes in at night and sprinkles something on our Finley at night, and when we get her in the morning she is one inch thicker and one inch taller, I just wish she would stop doing that....Here are a few pics of Finleys first time at the beach, she is a water girl.


missy said...

so cute! love her belly in that bikini!

Annie said...

aw,what a sweetie!!! glad you had such a great time with your family. I know...don't they grow up so so quickly???

just a note....i saw your comment on my open blog. I checked and saw that you do have an invite to our private blog. If you go to Annie's A.A....and scroll down on the bloglist towards the bottom you can find "raising the divine..." let me know if that doesn't work and I will uninvite you and invite you again to the girls' blog. :)

Becky and Naing said...

Erin, great to finally meet you and that sweet girl and husband of yours. I am so looking forward to the info on hair products.