May 19, 2009

Soaking it all in

Wow I feel as though this week has blown by so quickly. We are soaking it all in that we are parents. That our little one is in this world, breathing. I think of baby Sager often and find myself humming to a sweet tune, in hopes that she here's me. Keith and I talk to the picture of baby Sager all the time. It's really quiet funny. But we can't stop looking at her, she is our little lady.

Keith and I drove down to Oceanside for a long weekend, the weather was gorgeous and the time spent was so relaxing, dreaming of our daughter.

In the mist of our good news I can't stop thinking about all the families waiting to here about court dates and there children. My heart aches for them and if you could all keep them in your thoughts so that they may make it through this tough time they are going through.
Our thoughts are with each of them........


Verna said...

Glad your turn came up and you are now parents. Sometimes it is not easy to be patient.

Have a great week end.

Justine said...

wow - I readlly need to get out to OR. It is beautiful! So happy, happy for you. There is nothing better than the post referral high, huh? Hope your court date comes real soon. Can't wait to see this little beauty ( :

Blog Shmog said...

looks like you guys had a great time! i'm so excited for you and your little girl!!

kristin said... is so pretty there!! :)

Amber said...

What gorgeous pictures! Looks like a great time!