February 11, 2009

shout out

Another great day. A super patient family from CHI has received there referral for 2.5 month old baby boy twins. You can imagine how happy they are, and we are celebrating with them...YAH Matt and Stephanie.....


Nate and Stefany Head said...

I know it seems like I am always reading your blog, but . . .well... I am! :) First of all, CONGRATS to the happy family! That is AWESOME!!! And second of all, thank you so much for your last comment on my blog. I know you know EXACTLY how I feel, and it is such an encouragement to know I'm not alone. Thank you!!!!

courtney rose said...

Dearest Erin,

I got your bead last night. What can I say? Words don't even begin to work for me when I try.

The story behind it. Your words.

Touched. Humbled. Teary. Amazed. Frustrated because I can't say how I really feel.

Thank you, dear sweet sister Erin. Thank you. Know that I will treasure and cherish this gift for the rest of my days. No doubt about it.

With much love,


Nate and Stefany Head said...

i was just thinking today that tomorrow would be a really fun day for referrals, you know, with Valentine's Day coming up and all. It just make sense to me. :) So, where's that glitter spray we're supposed to be using?