January 20, 2009

Cold, windy, but SUNNY...I am loving these days of no rain... Pretty nice since it is still January...Keith and I have been running around town playing in the sunshine and trying to become photographers...We recently purchased a new camera, trying to learn all the bells and whistles for our trip to Ethiopia..Looks like we will have a little more time with our camera due to lengthy court dates in Ethiopia..But I am hanging in there just trying to enjoy our last months as a couple, before we become a family...I wish I could store all my naps I've been taking for later, but I'm sure I will be fine..Hope everyone has a great day, What a great day in history it is.

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jamullins said...

Beautiful pics!! Even the cute dog!
Sounds like we have similar adoption stories in starting with China. Can't wait until we can share pics of our little ones! Praying for you!!