June 16, 2008

We just had the best weekend! I through my husband a surprise Pirate birthday party. And Yes he was surprised and is over 10 years old. The weather was perfect, food incredible (thanks Chef Kenny)and all our favorite people came. It was so fun to plan. I found a live band that does cover for the Cure to play in our backyard. My husband loves the Cure, and it was a highlight! Waiting for our little one, its gone pretty quick, but I am now writing in my journal daily, in case she is not born yet, I want to look back and try to remember what I was doing that day when she came into this world! No referrals for 3 weeks, lets hope its raining referrals this week!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

How Cool! I totally want to have a pirate party for my next birthday. We are big pirate fans. :)

Yes, let's hope it rains referrals this week. I'll take no rain in Oregon for lots of referrals!

tasag said...

Glad to hear the party was such a success.
Things like that break up the time frame and make the days and weeks go by a little faster, which closes the time span for the referral notices.
Be patient and thank the Lord that as each day goes by you are closer to your dream.
Time is a blessing because life is a ripple in the water.

losiloni said...

The Pirate theme is fantastic! Sounds like an awesome weekend.