April 29, 2008

Well who knows where my paper work is? 7 1/2 weeks!!!! Did it get lost! Now I'm worried, weve already been approved, they just need to switch countries. I tend to get sad, since we have been waiting for almost two years for a baby. We leave on Saturday, maybe when we get back well have a surprise in the mail from immigration. Lets hope


Jodi said...

Here is to hoping your paperwork comes SOON - we did a country switch, too, but before we even had the I171H, so it went a bit quicker. We are now waiting for our referral.... hopefully, it will be soon. Blessings to you and Have FUN in Mexico. I can't wait to see pictures!

Amanda & Andrew said...

Well, I'm glad you're here with us (Ethiopia program)! I hope you get your paperwork very soon!